Evolution Guitars represents the next step forward in the evolution of electric guitar design and manufacturing. Our mission is to equip the next generation of musicians with affordable and innovative new instruments. With our patented modular design, the Evolution Guitar is the most adaptable and cost-effective electric guitar on the market.

The Evolution’s Patented Modular Design

Our patented modular design allows Evolution owners to swap between an unlimited number of different faceplates. Because all of the guitar’s electronic components are mounted to the faceplate, the Evolution can quickly change between styles and genres in minutes without requiring any tech work. With each faceplate being fully customizable in terms of pickups, wiring, hardware, and paint, there is no limit to the amount of different styles and genres that can be played from just 1 Evolution Guitar body, for a fraction of the cost of buying multiple guitars.

Face-Plate Tone Profiles

Each body type is fully compatible with every faceplate tone profile, allowing players to pick the body and tone profile of their choice. The Double Cutaway (DC) line is currently available in three body types:

Evolution Double Cutaway Body Types

Evolution Guitars is exclusively partnered with GHS Strings and each Evolution comes standard with GHS. Each Evolution Guitar is manufactured and assembled in Pittsburgh, PA.

Whether you are looking to build something totally unique and custom, or are looking for something that can change and adapt with you as you grow, we invite you to Evolve with us.

You are constantly evolving as a musician… Shouldn’t your guitar evolve with you?